We have seen so many of our patients benefit greatly from Method K9’s training. Stephanie has incredible patience and impressive intuition when it comes to all manner of canine behavior issues and has the skills to train both dogs and their people.

Monica McGraw, DVM with Lake City Pet Hospital

Coeur d Alene, ID


We rescued our 11th Airedale, Chole, and she was a total deer in headlights. No social skills whatsoever. My wife and I went to several dog trainers to help her anxiety. Chloe could do all of her obedience commands, but none of the trainers could help her relax and become part of our pack. After a referral from a friend, we invited Stephanie to our home to meet Chloe and us. Within 10 minutes we knew we FINALLY found our dog trainer. With Stephanie’s guidance, we can take Chloe everywhere with us!

Pat Murphy

Coeur d Alene, ID


Method K9 has come to the rescue, in more ways than one. Stephanie's training methods have turned unadoptable dogs into beloved family members. Without Method K9, we don't know how many animals would still be homeless and how many of our fosters would be struggling. We are so proud that Method K9 is our approved trainer, and that we are lucky enough to have her on our side. She has saved many lives because of her successful training methods. Thank you, Method K9!
Autumn Jolley with Power of the Paw
Spirit Lake, ID

My wife and I are super grateful to Stephanie and Diana's amazing dog training skills. Our dog Kai (Siberian Husky) was essentially feral and would not bond with and would completely shy away from humans. We could not even get a leash or collar on him. We knew he had potential but we were out of our league to help him. My daughter had been following Method K9 and told us about them. We called and to our relief they would soon have an opening. Six weeks later we have a more confident, fun and amazing dog who we enjoy every single day! They're follow-ups are super helpful and we feel they too are apart of our family. Now Kai can enjoy his life without fear. He's amazing and joyful. Thank you Stephanie and Diana!
Tim Swilling

Spkane, WA

Stephanie is amazing. We had an 11 month old German Shepard that was totally out of control. The only peace we had was when he was asleep. He spent a month with another trainer with zero results. We were beginning to think it was hopeless. Then came Stephanie. After 2 months we got back the dog of our dreams. You have to commit to keep working with your dog but now you and your dog with Stephanie's continued support work as as a team. She's worth every penny you pay her!

Lynn Christofferson

Rathdrum, ID

Stephanie is fantastic! We adopted a rescue dog in September and she was very anxious and unpredictable - my husband and I were getting very frustrated. We sent her to 8 week board and train with Stephanie and she is literally a different dog! She is calm, eager to please and so sweet. We knew she had it in her but Stephanie was able to bring that out and we are now having so much fun with our dog. We also learned so much from Stephanie in terms of how to manage certain behaviors and can better anticipate how our dog will respond to certain situations. Definitely worth the money and my husband and I both recommend Stephanie highly!

Linda Grossheim

Coeur d Alene, ID

Training with Stephanie takes your dog ownership skills and cranks them to high. We brought her in to help us learn how to address issues with our newly adopted dog, but gained much more with her teaching us why and how to be successful pet parents. I can't thank her enough for my balanced pack.
Stephanie Devine with The Furry Farm Rescue
Rathdrum, ID

Method K9 recently trained our husky puppy, Whiskey. She had him for less than 4 weeks. During this time, she thoroughly worked with him and taught him all his obedience commands. Whiskey came back a happy and well-behaved pup and is now so much nicer to be around.
Jamie Epkey
Post Falls, ID

We used and are using Stephanie with our Power of the Paw adoptee, Layla. She tugged, pulled, leaped, and ran when we got her. After Stephanie worked to train us, Layla is happily walking down the street like the sweet puppy she is. Stephanie also boarded and trained Layla while we were in Japan. I never worried for a minute about Layla as I knew she was in loving hands. Stephanie sent videos and kept in touch every day while we were away. We are very happy with Stephanie's ongoing support and training of us!
Deb Stafford
Spokane, WA

I was having issues with my two dogs fighting over, toys, food, dead animals. Stephanie was a tremendous help. She was quick to respond to my request for help. She took time to explain the gravity of this behavior. The quick response was very urgent in my case! That was so very much appreciated! She explained everything in a very easy step-by-step manner. The simple demonstrations were very easy to follow. After the demonstrations she followed up and checked in several times, to make sure the dogs were responding the correct way. Great experience and will be using her in the future!
Angela Hamlin
Lafayette, LA

Stephanie at Method K9 was recommend to us by the breeders of our new puppy. Since we had dogs for several years we didn’t think we would needed a trainer but our new puppy quickly changed that line of thinking. At first, he was just having normal puppy issues but they quickly escalated and we knew help was needed. Stephanie came to our home and educated us not only on the behavior we were seeing but also provided a road map of behavior changes and expectations of things to come as he matured. This quickly mitigated our concerns and helped us understand what was required to be better pet owners with each weekly session. Stephanie proceeded to show us effective and easily applied techniques to correct his behavior and educate as to why the unwanted behavior manifested or how it was just in the dog’s nature to do certain things. If not for Stephanie, I don’t know if we would have ever been able to control our new puppy’s behavior in a positive and effective manner, but now we have the tools and resources to give quick and lasting education for unwanted behavior. One last thing, all of these techniques were taught exclusively to my 12-year-old daughter and she now applies them daily to her puppy and they couldn’t be happier.
Michael Todd
Rathdrum, ID

I am the Programs and Outreach Director of Bark Avenue Foundation in Glendale, CA. One of our programs use to be transports. Where we would rescue dogs from high kill shelters and transport to No Kill shelters in states like Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Being in rescue, if a dog doesn't work out we don't give up on them. Chance was one of those dogs that didn't work out but transporting back to California where we have a high kill rate in our shelters was not an option. I reached out to a rescue friend in Idaho and asked them if they could refer me to a board and train facility. Unfortunately, she couldn't recommend one but did recommend an amazing boarding facility and an exceptional trainer named Stephanie Vichinsky. I contacted Stephanie and she first went to assess him at the No Kill shelter he was at and after chatting together she agreed to take him on and transport him to the boarding facility which was a quieter and calmer environment. From day one of Stephanie working with Chance he showed improvement. He is not the scared boy he used to be. Every time she was with him she would send me pictures and videos of his exercises and every time he made huge improvements. Seeing him being socialized with people and hanging out with other dogs is an incredible achievement and it couldn't have been possible without such a compassionate and patient trainer as Stephanie. Thank you, Stephanie, for all the hard work that you have put into Chance to help him find his forever family! And thank you for having him be your new helper while training. I couldn't ask for more. 
Darlene Horvath with Bark Avenue Foundation
Glendale, CA

Before I met Stephanie and Julius with Method K9, honestly, I didn't care what happens to dogs. I felt that aggressive dogs with a proper attempt at reliable training, and 0 success should be put down "horrible I know". I believed that animals in general either have it or they don't. I have seen Stephanie work with dogs that I would have just put them down " horrible I know". During my time knowing this amazing family and becoming friends, who am I kidding, they are family to me now. I have learned that animals not just dogs but all animals deserve a better opportunity. I never knew "better opportunity" existed. Having aggression or just needing standard obedience, I have never in my life seen anyone who can train a dog the way Stephanie does. I know k9 Handlers with the local Police Departments and have seen training first hand. These men and woman training are superior! Stephanie is above an beyond what I have seen. Granted these are totally different training methods. Her ability is out of this world! Beside Stephanie and Julius's ability to successfully train dogs, their family life is honorable. They are truly the kindest, caring and most loving family I have ever met. They would literally give you the shirt of their back. I can't recommend them enough.

Dustin Thompson

Post Falls, ID

Stephanie has been incredible with my very fearful dog, and with me. She’s very good at identifying issues, explaining them & teaching me to teach my dog in a balanced, logical way. My dog was so anxious he paced constantly or shut down. Now he’s happy, calm and knows how to work through his anxiety while trusting me to lead him through it.
Jamie Sherman
Coeur d Alene, ID