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Meet The staff




Stephanie is the owner and head trainer at Method K9. She knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue a career with dogs and never gave up on that dream. She has been training for twelve years and travels the world as one of the leading canine behavior specialists in the Pacific Northwest. She has rehabilitated thousands of dogs in her career and is known for her incredibly thought-out approach to dog training. Stephanie also holds degrees in English, creative writing, and philosophy.

Julius is the owner and general manager at Method K9. He is a New York native with a passion for business and economics. He has been an entrepreneur from a very young age and strives to deliver the best product possible, in addition to building lasting relationships with the communities around him. He is in charge of all sales, marketing, accounting, staff management, public relations, and IT support.





Lauren is an a full time trainer at Method K9. As a former euthanasia technician and adoption coordinator for the humane society, she has seen the unfortunate end result for many dogs with unaddressed behavioral issues. She has now chosen to dedicate her life to the solution and help us educate dog owners on leadership, communication, and advocacy.



After having spent many years as a corrections officer, an unfortunate motorcycle accident changed her life. Her husky, Murphy, helped her stay strong through a very long recovery process. Since then, Hope has dedicated her life to helping dogs the way Murphy helped her and has changed the lives of many dogs and owners through consistent volunteer work, shadow programs, and working with local shelters and rescues.



Karrie is the office manager at Method K9. She has 30+ years of customer service experience, an amazing attitude, and handles all of the scheduling, bookings, billing, and customer communication. She loves spending time with her husband, kids, and their 3 dogs.




Leah is our classically trained food specialist at Method K9. She carefully prepares each dog's meals, making sure to do so to the exact specifications of the owner. She has exceptional math and culinary skills. She also helps socialize the training dogs to children. When she is not helping out with the business, she enjoys volleyball, live theater, and cooking.



Lumen is a 13-year-old (best estimate) German Shepherd and our retired lead helper dog. She was picked up as a wounded and emaciated stray in California and rescued with exactly 16 minutes left before she was scheduled to be put down in a high kill shelter. RAIN rescue brought her to Washington state and patched her back together, and we drove 6 hours each way to bring her home. She has rehabbed thousands of aggressive dogs, guided puppies, and socialized pushy pups for the last 6 years. She has grown into the perfect dog.




Genesis is a 6-year-old German Shepherd and is the primary helper for dog-aggressive dogs at Method K9. She came to us through a private adoption after the family who owned her could not keep up with her intense drives. She had developed human, dog, food, and toy aggression, but has since made a full recovery. Her playful spirit is contagious and she can teach even the most aggressive dogs to loosen up. She is responsible for hundreds of lives saved.




Clark is an 3-year-old Belgian Malinois and is the primary male helper dog at Method K9. Clark was purchased from a breeder by his previous family. They were not prepared for the destructive nature of a puppy and surrendered him to Rescue4All at 5 months of age. After a lengthy evaluation and foster process, we decided to make Clark part of our team. He has a dorky, spunky, not-quite-a-malinois mentality which has earned him the name Clark Kent (our undercover superhero.) 

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