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Sat, Jan 04


Diversity K9 Service

Orlando, FL Seminar (2025)

Event dates: 1/4/25--1/5/25

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Orlando, FL  Seminar (2025)
Orlando, FL  Seminar (2025)

Time & Location

Jan 04, 2025, 9:00 AM EST – Jan 05, 2025, 5:00 PM EST

Diversity K9 Service, 10806 Palmbay Dr, Orlando, FL 32824, USA

About the event

Please read full event description before purchasing a ticket. Event dates: 1/4/25--1/5/25


What is a Method K9 seminar?

At Method K9, we specialize in behavioral rehabilitation of dogs of all ages and breeds. Our traveling seminars are 2-day events designed to bring Stephanie and her team to an area near you. These events cover a core curriculum, including but not limited to: dog-handler relationship, drives, classical and operant conditioning, obedience, and proper use of training equipment. These events also allow us to create a catered training plan for the dogs in attendance and their behavioral issues such as: reactivity, anxiety, fear, aggression, and resource guarding.

What type of seat should I purchase?

Working Seats ($1050)—these seats allow for 2 handlers and one dog to attend. Stephanie and her staff will work with you and your dog throughout the weekend on the issues you are struggling with. You will also have the opportunity for a one-hour meeting before the start of each seminar day to meet with Stephanie, ask questions, introduce your dog, and set your dog up for success before the training for the day begins.

Observation Seats ($450)—these seats allow for one observer without a dog. Observers will have the opportunity to ask questions, observe Stephanie and her staff work the dogs, and follow the group for all exercises. These seats allow observers the opportunity to see how Stephanie works with multiple different dogs, rather than just the dog in front of them.

How does it work?

The seminars will consist of two 8-hour training days (9am to 5pm) with 1 hour for lunch (these events are not catered.) Working seats will have an additional hour in the morning to work with Stephanie (8am to 9am). There will be a rotation of theory and hands-on training. Until the dogs have time to acclimate, they will be left in their vehicles and taken out often in small groups to ensure safety and one-on-one attention. Some dogs can be explosive in the beginning, and we want to give them the best opportunity to adapt to training in a group. This can take some dogs a matter of minutes and others might need hours.The second handler is included in the working seat to tend to the dog in the car if need be during the rotations. Certificates will be given upon completion.

What do I need to do to attend?

Working Seats: ($1050)

  • Fill out a contact form on our website
  • Schedule an interview call and pay subsequent invoice upon approval.
  • Submit vaccine records (we require rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella) and a negative fecal parasite test at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • An evaluation update in the form of a word document describing the issues you are struggling with your dog. Please submit this 30 days prior so Stephanie and her staff can study it prior to the event.
  • Muzzle condition your dog. All dogs must be muzzle conditioned to Method K9’s standards (they need to be able to walk and eat through the muzzle) prior to the event. While we may not ask you to use your muzzle, if we do recommend it for safety, we do not want the dog’s first experience with the muzzle to be in a new or stressful environment. We will supply detailed tutorials to help you accomplish this.

Observation Seats: ($450)

  • Purchase a ticket under our events tab.

What do I need to bring?

Working Seats: ($1050)

  • An approved muzzle (Baskerville, Jafco, Dean and Tyler, Leerburg, or custom biothane). The ideal muzzle cannot be pulled off and allows the dog to eat, drink, and pant. Please do not use fabric or nylon muzzles.
  • Long Line
  • Food for the dog (this can be treats or the dog’s daily meals) and a treat bag.
  • A collar the dog cannot slip out of (martingale, fursaver, choke chain, Herm Sprenger prong collar, slip lead).
  • Standard walking leash between 4 and 6 feet.
  • Place cot
  • Water dish for your dog.
  • Your own chairs for the seminar.
  • Notebook and pen for notes if you like.
  • Appropriate attire. Please no swimsuits, flip flops/open-toed shoes, or low hanging jewelry. We recommend comfortable walking shoes and dressing in layers as the temperature might change throughout the day.

Observation Seats: ($450)

  • Your own chair for the seminar.
  • Notebook and pen for notes if you would like.
  • Appropriate attire. Please no swimsuits, flip flops/open-toed shoes, or low hanging jewelry. We recommend comfortable walking shoes and dressing in layers as the temperature might change throughout the day.

To attend you must understand and agree to our Release of Liability.

Release of Liability Agreement

I hereby assume responsibility for all conduct and actions of myself and my dog and to release Method K9, LLC  from any and all claims and demands that might occur during or after participation in Method K9, LLC training session/evaluation/class.

Furthermore, I agree to release Method K9, LLC and its employees and will hold them harmless from any liability that might arise from incidents or accidents involving me and/or my dog during or after said session/evaluation/class.

I authorize the use of my picture and/or my dog’s picture for promotional purposes.

If you would like us to come to a city near you and are willing to host us on your property, please email us at


  • Orlando Observation Seat

    Event dates: 1/4/25-1/5/25 THIS IS FOR AN OBSERVATION SEAT ONLY ($450 No dog). If you are interested in obtaining a WORKING SEAT ($1050). Please contact us directly. Seating is limited and not everyone who wants a WORKING SEAT will be selected for one. You may elect to purchase an observation seat now and if selected for a WORKING SEAT we will upgrade and bill you the balance. However, If you only want a WORKING SEAT, then do not purchase an OBSERVATION SEAT as the tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.

    Sale ended



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