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Basic Foundations

Learn to Train Your Dog at Home,

Supported by Professionals

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Training your dog can be hard work!

Many dog owners look at tutorial after tutorial, take a class at a local pet store, or even have visited many different trainers but still struggle to have a calm, collected, obedient dog. 


We have the solution. We’ve spent years researching, learning, and practicing the best ways to train your dog. We’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. Our clients see consistent results and complete transformation.

We saw a huge demand, and we’re booked out for nearly a year on our in-person training. We decided to bring our content online so that we can bring quality, personalized dog training to you right at home. 

With our course, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge on the basic foundations of training your dog while being supported by our professional trainers along the way. 

What we'll discuss


The psychology and science of dogs, and the most common mistake dog owners make while communicating with their dog.


How dogs learn, and how to teach them effectively.


How to make your dog Sit, Down, Come, and Place like a champ.


The proper equipment for safely and effectively working with your dog, and the dangerous types of equipment that are popular today.


How to stop leash reactivity to dogs, people, squirrels, cars, etc.


I usually don’t find too much value in dog training videos but, the way that Stephanie explains things just makes sense. I recently completed the Leash Reactivity online course and found it FANTASTIC. It laid a great foundation, described the tools necessary, and provided multiple techniques depending on the dog’s issues. I was EXCITED to try these techniques with my dog who has had EXTREME walk issues in the past (to the point of me being completely embarrassed to walk him). We have now started walking regularly and he is doing amazing! I feel like I have tools and tricks for anything we may encounter and - THEY WORK! So grateful for this course. Definitely money well spent and I look forward to enrolling in others!

~ Courtney Gregor


Start your training today!

Join thousands of dog owners who have turned their dog from chaotic to calm, collected, obedient companions right at home. With your purchase, you’ll receive one year of access to the course and start your journey to having an amazing dog!

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