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100 day program

Do you ever wish your dog would just relax?

Do you feel like no matter what you do to help, you're still lost? 

I'm Stephanie Vichinsky with Method K9. I have invested my life into the rehabilitation of dogs with extreme behavioral issues. While the cases I have worked have varied in intensity, the common theme among them all is the dogs did not know how to relax.  

Another common theme is that many of the owners of these dogs went through some kind of training, however, despite their best efforts, they didn't see the results they were hoping for.

The reason so many owners struggle to help their dogs is because not all training is alike. There is a difference between Obedience training and Behavioral training. Most dog trainers are Obedience trainers and although they work with behavioral cases, they do so through the Obedience lens. If a dog jumps, they stop the jumping. If a dog pulls, they stop the pulling. If a dog barks incessantly, they stop the barking. Obedience training is symptomatic resolution. True Behavioral training is Root Cause Problem Solving working through the "why" behind the behavior. 

It is not enough to teach your dog to be compliant through composure. We need to teach your dog to be calm and therefore coachable. 

100 days to C.A.L.M. is designed to do just that.

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