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Intermediate Foundations

Learn to Train Your Dog at Home,

Supported by Professionals

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Go beyond the basics of dog training

with our at-home Intermediate Foundations course! It’s jam-packed with industry-leading knowledge to expand on our Basic Foundations course. Follow along as world-renowned trainer Stephanie Vichinsky teaches a live class advanced techniques of dog training. 


We have the solution for pet owners wanting to teach their dog more advanced skills, or that still struggle with things like reactivity to places and people. 

We’ve spent years researching, learning, and practicing the best ways to train your dog. We’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. Our clients see consistent results and complete transformation.

In recent years, we saw a huge demand for high end dog training, and our in-person classes filled up so quickly that many people couldn’t get in! We decided to bring our content online so that we can bring quality, personalized dog training to you right at home. 

With our course, you’ll build upon techniques discussed in the Basic Foundations course while being supported by our professional trainers along the way.

What we'll discuss


Advanced solutions for Heel, Down, Sit, and Come Commands


Understanding the mindset of dogs, and how to train them effectively.


How to successfully socialize your dog and avoid dangerous mistakes many dog owners make that can leave your dog with lasting psychological damage.


An in-depth understanding of the psychology of dogs, and why it’s important to think like a dog when training.


Training your dog in public, and how to handle tricky situations that arise.


If you’re looking for a great class I highly recommended Method K9. The trainers are so knowledgeable and give you so many tools for both you and the pups.
They answer our questions, demonstrate and give constructive criticism. We are definitely enrolling our pup in the intermediate class to sharpen our skill set.
They have changed our lives at home! Being able to apply the information and tools to all 3 dogs have been a game changer.

~ Amber Helbling


Start your training today!

Join thousands of dog owners who have turned their dog from chaotic to calm, collected, obedient companions right at home. With your purchase, you’ll receive one year of access to the course and start your journey to having an amazing dog!

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